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Holistic Vision Eye Doctor in Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Robin Sapossnek, FCOVD
Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Visual Rehabilitation
Developmental/Behavioral Optometrist
930 Henrietta Avenue
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006
Tel: (215) 663-5933 EMAIL
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Articles: UV (Ultraviolet light) and Your Eyes

Ultraviolet waves are necessary in very small amounts to support health and well being. Too much ultraviolet exposure, however, can cause premature wrinkling of the skin, cataracts, muscular degeneration (of the retina), pterygium (growth on the eye) and skin cancer.

I take the approach of moderation as it applies to sun exposure. During the day, when we feel the most intensity from the sun, I wear sunglasses which block out all ultraviolet light. I often wear a hat or just a visor if I'm at the shore or exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Early in the morning (before 10:00 AM) and in the late afternoon (after 4:00 PM), I prefer to go outside without sunglasses. From my experience with extremely light sensitive individuals (photophobics), I think this condition is perpetuated by never allowing themselves any sunlight exposure.

I recommend to those individuals that they sit outside in the morning or late afternoon with their eyes closed for about 10 to 20 minutes at a time to get themselves used to the brightness. Even with their eyes closed, many people are still sun sensitive. This can be reduced through increased exposure to the light during the "safe" times of day.

During the high noon sun, sunglasses are strongly recommended. Many of my patients have taken advantage of the new Transitions lens. It's a plastic material which turns dark with exposure to ultraviolet rays. It's a UV protector. Many still prefer Corning's Photogray Xtra. which is a glass lens that tends to get darker than the Transitions lens does.

Recently we added many frame styles to our office which are available with a sunglass clip attachment.

The lenses are made by Bolle (they make very fine sports lenses) and are excellent. I encourage contact lens wearers to take advantage of them. A line of very good children's sunglasses is made by Baby Weeboks. Children often are given poor quality lenses that smear, scratch and distort. I recommend a good pair of sunglasses that are carefully handled by both the parent and the child. We keep my children's sunglasses in a case in the car, for when they most need them.

Enjoy the sunshine and protect your eyes.

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